Being a Good Neighbour

Great communities are formed through reasonable and respectful behaviours and relationships.

Believe Housing Australia provides housing and tenancy services, and works alongside its tenants to create safe, connected communities that enable people to live, work and thrive. Great communities are formed through reasonable and respectful behaviours and relationships. A good neighbour is someone who shows respect to their neighbours and the wider community, and assists in creating a positive environment where everyone feels safe. There are many benefits of living in a community where neighbours support each other.

What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

  • Help to create a peaceful and enjoyable neighbourhood by being considerate and respectful of others.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and those of your family and visitors to your home.
  • Keep the front of your home and your gardens and lawns well maintained.
  • Join community activities to meet people and understand more about each other.
  • Take the time to share a cuppa.
  • Be supportive of neighbours’ children playing outside in their own yard, or in a common area if you live in a group of units.
  • Be willing to listen and talk to your neighbour to try and settle any problems quickly.
  • Accept that neighbours may have different opinions and ways of doing things.
  • Avoid antisocial behaviour. Many neighbourhood disputes arise from things like loud music, barking dogs and noisy arguments.
  • Look out for one another and advise each other of any suspicious activity in the local area.
  • Report any illegal or criminal activity directly to the Police and then let us know.

What to do if there’s a problem with neighbours?

  • When you contact us, we would first encourage you to sort out a problem in an informal way. For example, talking to your neighbour about the issue (such as loud television noise or children playing ball on a wall late at night) might solve the problem. If this approach does not work, it may help to use a mediator, a person who is trained to help neighbours settle disputes quickly and fairly. Your Tenancy Officer can give you information about these free mediation services.
  • If the problem is more serious and involves a continual breach of the Tenancy Agreement by a neighbour, such as harassment, verbal abuse or intimidation, then you should contact the Police. Once you have a ‘report number’ let us know.

We hope that this information will help to make your tenancy safe and enjoyable.


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