Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

As a Believe Housing Australia tenant, you may be able to get rent assistance from the Australian Government.

As a Believe Housing Australia tenant, you may be able to get rent assistance from the Australian
Government. It’s called Commonwealth Rent Assistance and you could be eligible if you receive a pension,
a Centrelink payment, or Family Tax Benefit A. This is how it works.

Step 1

Tell Centrelink you have moved into a Believe Housing Australia property. They will determine whether you will receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance. If you are eligible, you’ll then sign
a Centrelink rent certificate.

Step 2

If you are entitled to Commonwealth Rent Assistance, you’ll also need to sign a Believe Housing Australia form so we can organise to receive the automatic rent assistance payments directly from Centrelink. This makes it a simpler process for you.

Step 3

Your rent will be covered by a payment from you (which is based on your income) PLUS the Commonwealth Rent Assistance payment.

Step 4

Your total rent is higher than for government housing, but the cost to you is still the same.

Step 5

As a Believe Housing Australia tenant, you will be part of our housing community and
we will support you and your property in any way we can.

Step 6

Commonwealth Rent Assistance goes towards providing property upgrades which could include, for instance, painting, kitchen upgrades or a new bathroom.


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