How Water is Calculated

Your water supply will be charged according to the terms of your Believe Housing Australia tenancy agreement.
For tenancies that commenced with Believe Housing Australia (formerly AnglicareSA Housing) after 30 November 2015.



As a Believe Housing Australia tenant, you will receive an invoice for water use every three months. The charges are calculated according to the South Australian Water Corporation Fees and Charges Schedule. You will be invoiced for all water use as this is a condition of your tenancy agreement under the Social and Affordable Housing or Better Places Stronger Communities (BPSC) programs. If you have any questions about your water charges, please contact your Believe Housing Australia Tenancy Officer.


Excess Water Charges

As a tenant of Believe Housing Australia, you will receive an invoice for excess water use every three months. Believe Housing Australia provides your household with a water allowance each year. Any water you use above this calculated daily allowance is called excess water use. As the tenant, you are responsible for paying for any excess water use. Any water charge is strictly in line with the water allowance limit mentioned in the terms of the tenancy agreement you signed. If you have any questions about your water charges, please contact your Believe Housing Australia Tenancy Officer.


Water Meters

There are two types of water meters—separate and shared. If your property has a separate meter, you are responsible for all the water used. When more than one dwelling is attached to a single water meter, we call it a shared metered property. Believe Housing Australia is unable to calculate individual property water usage on a shared meter, so the cost of the water use will be evenly divided between you and the other tenancies.



If you are on a low to moderate income, you may be eligible for a concession to assist you with the cost of your water bills. Please call the Department for Human Services (DHS) Concessions Hotline on 1800 307 758 to find out if you are eligible.

Water Saving Tips

If you are interested in learning about water-saving tips for around your home, we encourage you to visit the SA Water website


For more information, please call our customer service team on 1800 688 000.

Payment options

You can pay your invoice in a number of ways:

While payment plans can also be arranged with the Income Recovery Team, you will need to have paid your previous invoice in full before the first payment plan invoice is issued. Please note that we do not accept CASH payments at any of our offices.


Formerly known as AnglicareSA Housing, Believe Housing Australia continues to be a part of the AnglicareSA family and remains a subsidiary company of AnglicareSA.

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