If you’d like to keep a pet, it’s important to check with Believe Housing first.

We all know how important pets can be in our lives. They can feel like they are part of your family, or even your best friend. At Believe Housing Australia, we do all we can to enable you to have your pet at home with you. However, there are some things you’ll need to know if you to want to keep a pet in community housing.

Pets in community housing

We know that pets are important. As a member of a Believe Housing Australia community, there are some things you’ll need to know if you want to keep a pet.


Ask us first

Please ask us first and we will check if it’s okay for your pet/s to move in with you.

We want you to be able to keep your pet/s but we have to look at:

  • whether the property is suitable
  • the type of pet/s
  • local council regulations
  • any possible impact on your neighbours or your community



If your application is approved, your pets will be listed on a Pet Permission form which we will ask you to sign.

By signing this form, you will agree to:

  • pay for the repair of any damage caused by your pet/s
  • remove all faeces from your gardens and community grounds regularly
  •  (and dispose of them properly)
  • be respectful of your neighbours and make sure your pets do not cause a nuisance and disturb them


Which pets?

Depending on the property and the local council, you may be able to keep cats, dogs, fish, birds or poultry.

There are council rules about keeping pets, for example:

  • no more than 2 cats and 2 dogs at a property
  • dogs must be registered every year

Small indoor pets such as fish in aquariums or 1 or 2 small birds in a cage are usually fine. There are special rules about poultry (chickens, geese, ducks or turkeys). Please check with the council BEFORE you ask to bring poultry onto your property.


Things to consider

Please check with us before you make any changes to the property for your pet, such as increasing the height of the fences. If those changes are approved, you will need to pay for the work yourself.

Councils and we expect you to be a responsible pet owner. This means desexing and microchipping your cat or dog, looking after it and keeping it under control.

Taking your dog for a walk every day is great exercise for you and your dog.

Please remember to keep your dog on a lead at all times while you’re out exploring the neighbourhood.

Apply for a Pet

Head to forms and applications to apply for a pet in your community housing.


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